Saturday, 23 July 2011

Beastie Boys and Spike Jonze

I have a huge love of the musical geniuses Beastie Boys, and after recently reading about their collaboration with Spike Jonze (one my favourite director/producers ), i felt the need to re-mention this on my blog. A truely great collaboration.

View the Creative Review page and watch the Beastie Boys video, Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win:

Other music videos created by the talented Spike Jonze:

Fatboy Slim: Praise you-

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A favourite of mine: Mike Perry

After hearing from the manchester based graphic design duo DR:ME in a lecture recently, they metioned how they had visited america and managed to wangle some design experience with legendary designer and illustrator Mike Perry. After being shown some examples of his work and viewing his books 'over & over: A catalog of hand drawn patterns', and 'Hand Job: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Type' i felt compelled to feature Mike on my blog, as i feel he is a big inspiration to me. 

He is as i mentioned before, a designer and artist from Brooklyn, who uses a variety of mediums. He also has a love for the hand drawn, which i feel is a very refreshing and innovative angle to his work in the highly digital world of which we live today. In particular, I love the huge impact of the bold shapes and forms he uses combined with bright, happy colours.

Nerl Says Design

A friend recently advised me to have a look at, as i have a strong interest in screenprinted design work, i love the organic and bespoke feel to each individual print you produce. I am also completely gutted to have recently graduated from university, as it means i will no longer be able to use the marvellous print facilities and will now have to try and find somewhere closer to home. I love many pieces of his work, i especially like his use of the classic vintage imagery, combined with great colour palettes and mixed medias. Some of his typography is also very inspiring. Here are some examples of work from the website.

MUI MUI: A/W 2011 Campaign

I absolutely love the photography for this A/W 2011 Mui Mui advertising campaign, the retro forties look that has been created through the use of colour and garments choices, carefully picked out by the Art Director are exquisite. There is also a big film noir feel to the photography, film being one of the huge fashion trends for this coming autumn. The campaign also features the beautiful model, Hailee Steinfeld, and was photographed by Bruce Weber. The adverts symbolise a slight change to the usual studio shots Mui Mui produce, as all photographs have a outdoor setting, which is definitely a refreshing and positive change for the brand.

The Dri Dri pop-up gelateria

After recently viewing one of my favourite blogs: the Vogue blog. I have become particularly interested in this new italian frozen dessert pop-up store. Situated in the Front Room of St Martins Lanes Hotel. When first viewing the store i was particularly enthralled by the design of the store, it is very eye catching and kitsch. I would personally eat there, just to sit in the fun environment that has been created for the consumer. The look of the store has been based around a 'beach parlour' theme, created by featuring beach hut, stripes and ice cream imagery whilst still portraying a very minamilist and modern feel.

Monday, 11 July 2011

My China Trip!

I recently visited China for a family wedding, and found it a really exciting and unique place. I stayed in a city called, AnShan. I would definitely go again, one thing i will say is that you couldn't get more culturally different to England. It is also mental how much everyone stares at you inquisitively, because it is not common in that particular city to see westerners very often. It was an amazing place, and has only added to my longing to explore the world more.




D&AD 'On Your Marks' Exhibition 2011: Manchester School of Art

My Degree show was in July, which was a lot of fun. It was great to see the diverse range of work from the year group. It was also a lovely opportunity to say goodbye to our lecturers, who have done a brilliant job of teaching us some invaluable graphic design skills over the past three years, and passing on some great advice about the industry. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in Graphic Design. We were also lucky enough to be the final year studying under the course title, 'Design and Art Direction' at Manchester School of Art. I have included some examples of the work i was particularly impressed by.

I've been a bit cheeky here, this is my own film poster work.

I also found some of the work in the 3D area at Manchester School of Art really interesting.