Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Craig Oldham Lecture: "A big fucking jumble sale of nonsense."

Craig Oldham started the lecture off with:

"Be forewarned 
i swear

From this moment i knew this would be a fun and informative lecture.

Main advice given throughout lecture:

Understand what Graphic Design means to you.
Are you a Logical or Emotional Designer?
Be honest.
If your a good person-your probably going to get a good job. As its all about working with people.
If you can't explain your idea over the phone or to your mum, your fucked.
Don't pretend you have skills you don't.
Your not the best designer in the world- accept it.
Always be honest with yourself. Identify what your not good at, and improve. That way you can try to be the best.
A portfolo is for life, not just for an interview. It lives and grows with you.
The portfolio is the most subjective piece of work you will ever design. 
Share your ideas. Two heads are better than one.
Life and Work exists outside of London.

Overall i found this lecture very helpful, Craig spoke in a informal and dynamic  manner to keep the attention of the audience. Seemed very down-to-earth and straight talking. One of the better lectures we have had this term.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Work Experience: Massimo Dutti

I would just like to mention how fab it was working with the Window Display team at Massimo Dutti. Matt and Amy are great Visual Merchandisers and taught me a lot of new skills. It was a pleasure working with them.

A love of Patternity


Hopefully from looking at these images you will be able to see exactly why.


 I recently went to see the film Submarine, directed by Richard Ayoade, and was very pleasantly surprised. I have been meaning to go and see this film for a while, and it was everything i expected and more. The film was very engaging, and funny. It also explored teen life very well showing the anxieties and troubles most teens go through. The soundtrack songs for the film, written by Alex Turner, were really great. And the overall cinematography of the film was gorgeous. I particularly loved the typographic style of the opening credits, there was a real sense of french new wave cinema encapsulated in the large type sizes and choice of font.

Also from a fashion point of view- how great do these hair styles and duffle coats look?!

New Logo

A Great Manchester Festival

Just thought i'd mention how great Parklife Festival at Platt Fields Park in Manchester was last year. And after such a great day there, i am happy to say i have now bought my weekend ticket and can not wait to see !Annie Mac! aswell as Boys Noize, Jamie XX, James Zabiela, Erol Alkan, and Skream and Benga. It should be a great weekend!

My top 5 this week:

Top 5 songs I am listening to this week, whilst trying to finish my endless amounts of uni work.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Maps

Beastie Boys- Too Many Rappers (ft NAS)

Kelis- Bossy (getting ready for Parklife Festival!)

Bob Marley- The sun is shining

Flux Pavilion- Bass Canon

Who am I?

Screen-Printed Amelie Film Poster.

Screen-Printed Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Poster.

My 'Reel River Film Festival' poster, the festival would be located in Greenwich, where films would be shown on boats.

Screen-Printed The Science of Sleep Poster.

Screen-Printed Volver Poster.
A flyer for the festival that could be made into a boat.

 As i am a newbie to blogging i thought i had better show people what i like to create, as well as showing off all my inspirations. So here's some of my past works for you, I hope you like.

Vintage at Goodwood

Over Summer last year, whilst trying to find some new, exciting holidays or festivals i could go to, i came across some of Morag Myerscough's magnificent designs for the Vintage at Goodwood Festival. I love the bright colours and bold shapes she uses in her designs.

The Vintage at Goodwood festival looks amazing and i hope to go this summer, although i do have a feeling i might not be cool enough for it!

Supermarket Sarah

Whilst researching for one of my projects a few months ago,  i happened to come across the amazing Supermarket Sarah, whom i have deep admiration for. Supermarket Sarah has some really interesting vintage and kitsch items on sale in Selfridges, London. Many of the walls of garments and items she has displayed in Selfridges have been collaborations with illustrators, artists and designers, including the likes of Patternity, Tatty Devine and Audrey Roger. To see more of her fabulous items on sale and designs visit: