Monday, 19 December 2011

My new found hunger for The Hunger

I recently bought the first issue of The Hunger created by photographer and publisher, Rankin. This magazine is jam packed full of interviews with big stars in current popular culture, such as Rhys Ifans, Lucy Liu, Domonic Cooper, Cheryl Cole, Anna Friel, Freddie Fox, Danny Dyer and many more. All interviews include intruiging photography of each star. The magazine is very commercial and is so thick and heavy, it is almost like a mass portfolio of Rankin's work. You definitely get alot for what you pay for, although there does seem to be almost too much, maybe it is because i am not a photographer myself. I felt as though i needed breaks throughout the magazine, it has already taken me nearly a week to read and look at less than half.
I think it is however a great idea for Rankin to have created a new photographic magazine, after his huge success with Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine and Another Man, it is bound to be a big success.

Some of my favourites from Rankin's Portfolio:

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